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São Luís


  • Cópia de CAZUMBA

In the local culture, São Luís has very strong manifestations as the Bumba-meu-boi, african-indigenous tradition party that emerges in the city on feast days in June. It also has the "Drum Creole", the "Cacuriá", the "the Drum" (african-Brazilian religion, which has in Casa Grande Mines Jeje - founded in the mid-nineteenth century - its most important yard, or Querebetan).

These events take place in the period of June festivities. In the carnival, a St. Louis tradition is a strong street carnival. Where the popular mix to block brincantes and traditional bandinhas.

The city, in time, affectionately received some denominations:

Brazilian Athens: Assigned by the amount of writers and poets who had in the nineteenth century and is considered the place to have the best Portuguese spoken in Brazil. St. Louis also was the city where it was written and edited the first grammar of Brazil, by writer Sotero dos Reis.

Island of Love: Assigned due to the large number of poets who praised the city and the romanticism that art itself carries.

Brazilian Jamaica: Later became known for Jamaica Brasileira (why is the city with the largest number of regueiros of Brazil). The reggae came to power in Maranhao as a whole (and especially in St. Louis) in the 70s, and still going strong.