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São Luís

  • Sao luiz

São Luís do Maranhão the state capital, it owns beauty and unique charms that will yield titles recognition, namely: Brazilian Athens, City of Tiles, Love Island, Reggae City among others, all these that give him reason to left for an invitation to know our hospitable city.

Throughout our History Center, more than 3,500 buildings that recall the past. Founded in 1612 by the French, was invaded by the Dutch and later retaken by the Portuguese, which left us a legacy, a rich culture and history. The recognition of the relevance of the entire heritage of the city, was proven in 1997 by knowing the UNESCO International, a World Heritage Site.

Geographically located in the Northeast of Brazil, the city surprises in its scenery and landscapes, presenting features also of the North, which yields us too beautiful contrasts and uniqueness to the destination. For photography fans, beautiful memories are guaranteed.

Full of mysteries and legends the city still keeps a great folkloric expression, which can be checked and verified through the cultural events such as the famous Bumba-meu-boi and drum-of-Creole, the latter recognized in 2007 as Heritage Cultural Intangible Brazilian.


  • Cópia de CAZUMBA

In the local culture, São Luís has very strong manifestations as the Bumba-meu-boi, african-indigenous tradition party that emerges in the city on feast days in June. It also has the "Drum Creole", the "Cacuriá", the "the Drum" (african-Brazilian religion, which has in Casa Grande Mines Jeje - founded in the mid-nineteenth century - its most important yard, or Querebetan). Read more ...

World Heritage Site

The city was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. It has a colonial architectural heritage valued at about 3,500 buildings spread over more than 250 acres of the historic center, and most of them sobradões with lookouts, many coated with precious tiles Portuguese. Read more ...


  • arroz de cuxá

The Maranhão gastronomy inherited the Portuguese taste for good food and received strong influence of the Europeans, the Indians and black. The result was a melting pot of fantastic food, tasty and at the same time exciting. Spices, fish and seafood are the basis of ancestral recipes unmistakable flavor. Read more ...

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