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  • Raposa

Raposa is a community of fishermen living in a mangrove area.

As the tour highlights, they are remarkable wealth of detail shown in the handicrafts and the beautiful lace Birlo woven by the women of the city. The city is a must nautical ride, made in a regional boat, which provides a beautiful visual dunes, deserted beaches and creeks covered mangrove.

The trip, of course, a preparation for the visit to the famous Maranhenses. It pays to know this natural paradise.

The city of Fox is located on the same island of São Luís, to about 50 minutes. The path can be done by tourist vehicles

After crossing the ocean at a St. Louis Boat hour and already the continent, in the forest of Guarás Alcantara is a city that calls us unravel its mysteries.

In the colonial period, Alcantara was the capital of the aristocracy Rural Maranhão. The city is home to a beautiful collection of colonial houses of the empire of the time, built in the seventeenth century was declared in 1948 by NATIONAL HERITAGE as "Monument City".

To reach Alcantara you must perform a short drive of just over an hour by boat out of St. Louis Island straight to Alcantara, which is located on the mainland across the Bay of St. Mark. When you reach the port, the impression is to be back in time. Everything reminds the colonial period.

The duration of the trip is on average 1: 30h boat, leaving St. Louis.