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Lençóis Maranhenses

  • Lencois maranhenses

The park headquarters is about 260 km from the state capital, São Luís, on the river sloths. Access to the park is mainly by land, through BR 135 and can be done in vehicle tour companies or tour arriving to the city of Barreirinhas, the gateway of Lençóis Maranhenses.

As must-see attractions in the destination, we recommend the following tours:

- Ride the Dunes and Lakes National Park Maranhenses in stroke 4X4 vehicle (Toyota Bandeirantes);
- Walk in the Rio sloths to the beach Caburé, through Brooms and Mandacarú (boarding on motorboat boat);
- Cross float trip on the river Cardosa (relaxing descent buoy in the river that has clear, calm waters, with refreshing temperature);
- ATV ride by Maranhenses (with route by dunes, lagoons, beaches, visit the Corner of Atins, stop for lunch at Lucia or Rancho do Buna and return after sunset);
- Overflight to the national park (check availability and schedules with agencies).

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It is customary to offer two package options from São Luís:

* Walk Bate Return (St. Louis out early in the morning and returning in the evening, included only visitation trip to the national park);

** Overnight Package (one night in Barreirinhas and two days for trips to the National Park Sheets and also in Rio sloths).
It is recommended for better enjoyment of the sheets destination, at least one overnight stay in Barreirinhas (ideally two for the realization of all trips in the city). Apart from that the way in Volta Bate system, often very tiring.

The weather at the destination appears as average annual temperature de26 ° C.

Despite the desert-like area of ​​the park, the region's climate has two distinct seasons: the rainy season, which runs from January to July, and a dry season, from August to December. The rains contribute to the control of moisture in the area and forming lakes.